Where Do I Start?

WHERE DO I START AND WHAT SERVICE DO I NEED? An estate sale? How about a buyout or consignment? Maybe I need an estate auction or online auction? Are you not sure what you need but you know you need help with your project? By answering the next 5 questions you will have a very good starting place for your project.

1. Is your home or estate, full of collectibles, furniture and more? Does the entire house content need to be sold? Is the estate full? IF YOU ANSWERED YES, CLICK HERE if No, keep reading.

2. Do you have an item that you think might be worth something? Maybe you know it’s worth a lot of money but don’t have it insured. Do you need an appraisal? IF YOU ANSWERED YES, CLICK HERE if No, keep reading.

3. Do you have a few pieces of furniture or high end decor or art, silver, jewelry etc. that you need to sell and the home isn’t full? Do you want to sell them but not deal with craigslist or try to sell them on your own? IF YOU ANSWERED YES, CLICK HERE if No, keep reading.

4. Does your home or estate have some property that has some value but most of it’s just junk or clutter and trash? Would you like to have this stuff hauled away and maybe we buy a few items from you? IF YOU ANSWERED YES, CLICK HERE

5. Is your estate going through probate? Do you need an expert to come in and valuate the personal property and document this for division of assets? IF YOU ANSWERED YES, CLICK HERE

Maybe you have another unique situation that isn’t mentioned here. Click on our services link at the top to see what other services we offer and some helpful tips.