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Email us at: with any questions that you have about any items in current or upcoming sales.  Each email will receive a response within 24 hours and most likely within a few hours.  Please be as specific as possible so we can provide you the best answer as possible. Thank you

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A Treasure Trove of Vintage

14707 Spruce Ave
Chester, VA 23836

12/18/2014 10am to 4pm (Thu)
12/19/2014 10am to 4pm (Fri)
12/20/2014 10am to 4pm (Sat)

Terms and Conditions:
Cash or Credit Cards (minimum of $10) accepted!
Please bring your own moving muscle, we are not able to move items for you.
No Sign-up Sheet
First in line does better than the last
No pricing released prior to the sale

It’s our last sale of the year! Come by and check out the amazing vintage treasures that this home has to offer. We’re still going through closets and boxes, so check back soon for more pictures and a partial … (read more…)

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