Junk Removal


After an estate sale there are often a few minimal items left that need to be removed in order to sell the home or get it realtor or renter ready. In this case we can help. We have designed our new green and cost effective way to provide the junk removal of these unwanted items. Maybe you’re looking to make a little space in the shed out back and need some items hauled away. Don’t call those expensive junk hunks or 1-800 numbers, call Prestige. Our rates are much better!

We handle large projects to small ones. 30 cubic yard dumpsters to small truck loads.

What’s the best part you ask? We will try to buy items back from you if they match our criteria and helping to off set the cost of the junk removal and keeping more stuff out of the landfill and re-using and re purposing items. If it’s all junk and we can’t buy anything then we will donate as much as we can and provide donation receipts for your charitable contribution.

The amount of time, effort, energy and money you can save by just hiring us for junk removal and donation to get rid of that “stuff” will leave you feeling better, having more space and most of all peace of mind the project is DONE! Junk removal can help by alleviating “Piles of stuff” that can be stressful and create ineffective ways of your day to day patterns and projects. How many times have you stepped around the ___x___ or over the ____y____? We can help!

Our Prestige Organization Experts can help with turn key organizational solutions that you can set up to be recurring each month or on a project by project need be basis.

Contact us today at 804-977-2723 to finally for once and for all get that junk removed!