Frequently Asked Questions

By Prestige Estate Services

How soon should I call to setup our Richmond estate sale?

As soon as possible! Estate sales in Richmond are big events! We are always booking many Richmond estate sales per month and often book out in advance. However we can fit you in often with short notice but the earlier you contact us to process your Richmond estate sale the better the results, and the longer we can advertise for your estate sale.

How do I choose an estate sale company in Richmond, VA?

Honestly the best thing to do/consider are these numbered points below.
1. Does the estate sale company provide extensive references at the walkthrough?
2. Did the estate sale services provider provide an up to date bonded and insurance policy during the walkthrough?
3. After meeting with the estate sale company do you feel safe and that your family heirlooms are in good hands? If you are unsure, ask more questions and don’t be afraid to ask to speak to the owner.
4. Does this company offer a clear and concise plan for your estate sale?
5. Have you been thoroughly informed? Does their website look professional and offer plenty of good information? When you spoke with the company did someone answer the phone and address all of your questions and concerns and spend the time to fully explain their services?
6. Any reputable firm will handle the proprietary items such as photos, cash found, personal papers and anything sensitive with care and place these items in a personal boxed labeled as such and will be provided to the family.
7. Does this Richmond estate sale company collect and pay sales tax on your behalf and more importantly will they provide receipt of payments to local sales tax offices after your sale is complete. Let’s be honest you don’t want the IRS coming to you because of something you didn’t do but because of something a poor service provider didn’t do such as pay sales tax. I have seen several companies shut down because they don’t know this along with many other legal complicated matters.
8. The estate sale company should work off a commission and not ask for any money upfront unless the situation warrants it such as a hoarder estate sale or special estate sale project that is way outside of then norm.
9. You should ultimately feel comfortable, if you don’t, be sure to ask your questions and expect a well educated answer until your comfortable.
10. Be sure the company has been in business for at least 3 years. So many companies enter this industry fly by night with little experience and there is no licensing for estate sales. These companies come and go every 6 months and many back out of projects because they don’t know what they are doing, and aren’t staffed to handle the project or get in over their head. We see this quite often. Please be careful when considering an estate sale agent. We have even heard of people deciding not to do someone’s estate sale because they got a better sale, leaving clients high and dry at the last minute. Find a reputable and knowledgeable Richmond estate sales company. THIS WILL BE OBVIOUS WHEN YOU ASK GENERAL ESTATE SALE QUESTIONS ON THE PHONE. If they can’t answer these estate sale questions without hesitation then most likely they don’t know what they are doing. Any quality estate sale agent or estate sale services provider should provide a written agreement stating terms sale dates, etc. It protects you and the company and clearly identifies in writing the terms of the sale.

What are the costs or fees associated with an having an estate sale in Richmond VA and having it processed and handled by Prestige Estate Services?

There are no out of pocket fees or expenses with an onsite Richmond estate sale. We work on a commission basis. Our relationship with you is symbiotic. We only make money when you make money during the estate sale. Percentages vary based on project scope. Call us today to discuss your Richmond estate sale.

What is the time frame of preparing an estate sale?

At Prestige Estate Services we are the estate sale experts and have a proven method for preparing your sale. Each project varies, as this is one of the most important portions of the estate sale process. Our average estate (3-5 bedroom home 2,500 to 4,000 sq. ft.) typically takes about a week to setup.

How long does the typical Richmond estate sale last?

Our estate sales can be anywhere from 1 day mini sales to multiple weekends. Our average estate sale is typically 3 days of selling as there is usually nothing left by the last few hours of the third day. We do have mini estate sales for 1 and 2 days for smaller projects and have sold for a record 10 sale days over 3 weekends before for some of our massive hoarder estate sale projects and very large multi-million dollar estate sales. Call us today to discuss your project timeline.

Do you sell cars?

Yes we have sold tractors, boats, RV’s even dragster race cars! There isn’t much we haven’t sold. These types of items help the overall sale success. Did you read our article “What’s Better: Estate Sale or Estate Auction” under our services link? If not it’s very helpful when considering what to sell and what not to sell. CLICK HERE TO READ THE ARTICLE

What if my Richmond estate is full of high valued or rare items such as fine art, cars, fine jewelry, etc.?

At Prestige Estate Services this is our specialty. We focus on high end and prestigious estates. We have worked with embassies, athletes, residential and commercial estate sale clients of high stature. Privacy and respect of ones wishes, whether it be a small apartment or a multi-million dollar estate, is very important throughout the estate sale process. We have numerous avenues to move higher valued types of items. These types of items help to draw larger crowds to the estate sale or estate auction and help to sell many of the other items. We can help with onsite estate sales, estate auctions, online sales, online auctions, consignment and more. Many times each estate sale is coupled with one or more of these options to help realize the value of the higher valued items.

What other estate sale services do you offer?

Estate sales Richmond, VA is what many people call us because that’s what we do but we offer many other services such as home inventory reporting for probate or insurance purposes, valuations, certified appraisals and we have estate and family attorneys on staff as well for any legal needs. We offer junk removal services whether you have an estate sale or not. We staff a professional cleaning crew for all the clean out needs after the estate sale. As “The Estate Sale Experts” we process estate auctions, estate sales, online auctions and online estate sales, we can move entire estates to our offsite location and more. Visit our services page above. If you have a project we can help! Contact us today.

I live out of state. How do I have an Richmond estate sale from afar?

We process an estate sale without the owner living in the same state at a rate of about 1 out of every 5 sales so usually once or twice a month! At Estate Sales Richmond VA we have you covered. Call us today to discuss your project or situation.

Do I need to be present during the preparation or the estate sale event?

No. We always tell people you are welcome to stop by and see how things are going and you can hang out for a bit if you’re curious how things work. After all it’s your house/estate sale we won’t tell you that you can’t be there.

However, it can be difficult or even detrimental to the success of the estate sale if individuals want to help run the on-site Richmond estate sale. We don’t allow this to occur, as it’s typically uncomfortable for those shopping the estate sale. You want people shopping your sale to feel comfortable and having the owners or family members onsite can leave a bad taste with the potential buyers preventing them from buying and spending money!

We also haven’t trained you with our proven sales methods and you have not gone through our certified appraisers training program. It’s important that we have qualified and a well trained staff running the estate sale and not the owners, as they can often be emotionally involved. If you want to help run sales, we would love to hire you and send you to Prestige University for formal training and become one of our staff! Let us do what we do best by preparing and running your estate sale and be sure to ask questions along the way if your curious about something. We’re here to help!

How do we advertise our Richmond estate sales?

We do extensive advertising on Google, estate sale conglomerate websites in Richmond VA, newsletters that go out to over 5,000 qualified local shoppers, craigslist, newspaper ad, local and professional street signage, our estate sale website and others are just some of the ways. With cars or other high valued items we design a very specific campaign for these items and design a marketing campaign that is unique for each Richmond estate sale.

How do I know Prestige Estate Services is a reputable estate sales company?

Our corporate offices are in Denver, CO with locations across the U.S. and growing. You don’t grow a service business like ours with poor performance. We have grown through referrals from happy customers. We are bonded and insured with a $1,000,000.00 policy coverage. This will be provided in the walkthrough for you to see as well. Many companies say they have or do some things but most can’t and won’t prove it. Trust Prestige to prove our worth and reputation to you, your family and your family’s estate.

Do you have references?

Yes, we will provide these at the time of the walk through. We are a family owned and operated business and we do it through referrals and we earn these referrals from happy customers. We are A+ rated with the BBB and we have references from residential clients and commercial clients alike.

How do I get started and have Prestige Estate Services to come do a walk-through for my Richmond estate sale?

Contact us today! We will discuss your project and setup a free estate sale consultation.

What if I have an estate that is small or not a full estate? Can you still help?

Yes, we offer everything from buyouts to consignment and more. Ideally an onsite estate sale is best and most profitable but often there just isn’t enough stuff. Don’t worry we can help! Contact us today!

Is there stuff leftover and what happens to the stuff at the end of the sale?

Generally we sell 90% to 95% of everything in the home so there is typically very little left. But there is always a few things left and we can help remove these items. Whether they are junk, donation we can help and provide, tax deductible receipts. We can handle it all A to Z and even have the place cleaned by our professional cleaning staff. Our fees for these services are extremely low in comparison and NOTHING IS EVER OUT OF POCKET. We can deduct this from the proceeds and will provide you an accounting summary with pictures of anything hauled away after the estate sale is completed.

Do you track the items that sell in the estate sale?

Yes, we provide you with an accounting summary of what sold. It will show the category of the item the amount sold and they quantity sold in each category. We track 16 categories and an example of this would be
KITCHEN | 26 Items | $1,288.43
FURNITURE | 21 Items | $7,234.21
…and so on.
If you require itemized accounting this can be provided for reasons of probate, estate disputes or if it’s just a preference. This does cost extra as it take an enormous amount of time to itemize an entire estate of thousands of items and is typically not recommended due to the costs. If you are interested in having us track a few items that is not a problem.

What is an estate sale?

An estate sale is a general term used to describe the selling of the content of a home. Originally this term was associated with the passing of a family member’s estate. Now our industry uses the term “estate sales” a little more loosely to encompass moving sales, senior transition sales, downsizing sales, marriage separation sales and any other reason to sell the personal property within the real estate. Need to sell all your stuff and move onto your boat? It’s still an estate sale. Other terms used are estate liquidators (this is a old term and most don’t use it any longer. It’s considered too gypsy like and implies a fire sale. An estate sale can be a wildly successful way to make money, clean out a property, re-use, re purpose or recycle most items.

What occurs during the preparation of the estate sale?

We will bring in tables, empty cabinets and drawers, arrange, sort and group like genres, rearrange furniture to make the space more ideal for shopping, not living. We will perform any needed professional valuations, which can also include appraisals of items that may need certification before selling. We then affix tags to each item stating the price and description sometimes. Any research of comparable sales of items may be pulled at this time and then each item will be photographed and featured in our pictured newsletter. The marketing and advertising campaign will begin and the public will be notified of the event. We will place banners and signs inside the house and outside the house on the day of the estate sale. Our team will set up our cash register, mobile credit card checkout stations and prepare to open the doors.

Can I put a minimum price on items?

Simply put, yes! However as professionals who run anywhere from 9 to 17 sales a month we know what sells and at what price points. We are happy to discuss any concerns with you on this during the walk through but we will need to see what items will have a minimum and go over the terms for minimums during the walk through.

How soon do I get paid once the estate sale is completed?

We begin processing the final accounting the day after the sale and the proceeds check is cut 3 to 7 days after the final day of post sale services.

Do I need to sort or go through anything in the estate before you come out?

NO, PLEASE DO NOT DONATE OR THROW ANYTHING AWAY UNTIL AFTER WE HAVE MET AND ADVISED YOU. Most people are amazed at what sells at our Richmond estate sales. Leave the dirty work to us! We will sort through every drawer. We do however suggest if you have any items of known value that are boxed or in drawers or are not visible during the walkthrough to PLEASE be sure to point out any of these items which you know have value during the walkthrough and you know you want our team to see.

Why should I hire Prestige Estate Services to process my Richmond estate sale?

• We offer the fullest array of estate sale services than anyone else out there. This helps to get each item in the right venue and in front of the right buyers. This means $ profitability and higher realized sold or hammer prices.
• We have a list of thousands of qualified and ready buyers.
• We have the ability to accept credit cards and can provide mobile check out stations throughout the sale to increase overall revenues by cutting down on long lines.
• We are extremely professional and respectful to each estate and it’s family.
• Each of our employees are part of our family and are background checked they work on commission so it behooves them to find the value in everything.
• You can speak with the owner at anytime at our phone number above and dial extension 801.
• When we meet, you will meet with Erin. Erin is our Branch Manager and you will receive her contact information and you can reach her day or night should you need to. We provide you access to all of our sale information including daily sales totals during the same day. Nobody offers this level of access in almost real time during the sale days so you can see how things are progressing.
• We are Richmond’s most prestigious estate sales services provider and we are ready to earn the opportunity to earn your business and referrals.
• We are a nationwide company with multiple locations and years of experience and lists of buyers a mile long. This means sales. Let us process your Richmond estate sale and show you great results and why we are number 1 when it comes to estate sales!

Have a Richmond estate sales question not seen asked or answered above. Contact the owner of Prestige Estate Services directly, at the number above and dial ext. 801 at the prompt to speak directly with the President of the company. We aren’t too big to answer your Richmond estate sale questions. Our goal is to help you with your estate sale and gain your referral. This has also been our goal and it’s the number one reason we are the best service provider in the Richmond estate sales arena. Let us earn your business by contacting us today!