Estate Sales

Why Richmond Estate Sales Are The Answer

If you’re overwhelmed with a project, a family member’s estate or just too much stuff, Prestige Estate Services can help! We have provided a lot of great information on our website.  Take a few minutes and visit some of our pages about what we do. Around here a lot of people know us as Estate Sales Richmond, VA because that is what we do! An estate sale is a great way to liquidate your personal property. PES or Estate Sales Richmond, VA has extensive experience prepping, advertising, staging and hosting estate sales.

Prestige Estate Services typically conducts tag sales, auctions and online sales on the client’s premises. We are experts at finding value and identifying rare and collectible items. We are always paid on a commission basis so it behooves us to provide superior services. We only make money when our client makes money!

When you’re hiring Estate Sales Richmond, VA to conduct your estate sale, we take care of everything! No need to clean the house or donate anything prior to our services. You will be surprised and amazed as to what will sell, so don’t get rid of it!

Setting Up A Richmond Estate SaleOur team will organize, photograph, value, tag, prep and sell all the merchandise. We also provide all advertising, marketing, signage and sale staff. There are never any out of pocket expenses to our estate sale clients.  Hoarder projects and abnormally large or excessive projects may be an exception.  These exceptions make up less than 5% of the sales we run.


Estate Sales Richmond VA is what the locals call us and know us by, because that is our niche; estate sales in Richmond, VA. Nationwide, we are Prestige Estate Services or PES. That’s right, we are a national company with a local office so you’re in the hands of experts.

At Estate Sales Richmond VA we pride ourselves on our vast knowledge of vintage, antiquities and fine furnishings decor and more. We are able to assist your family through any situation such as downsizing, relocating, passing of a family member or many other reasons through the means of an estate sale, tag sale or moving sale as some like to call them.

Estate sales, tag sales or moving sales (all of which are the same thing just for different reasons) are often the most profitable way to clear out a property. This is the best way to make the most money for your estate. Why? Well our very friendly and knowledgeable staff will walk you through the process from beginning to end. We will find the value in every item, market each item individually and drive large amounts of buyers to the property on sale day to purchase the items. At Estate Sales Richmond VA we are able to sell every item from the car in the driveway to fine jewelry, furniture and collectibles along with the everyday estate sale items.

Richmond Estate Sales And Why They Are Better Than Auctions

Auctions do not help sell all the little stuff. We encourage you to read our page on Auctions vs. Estate Sales if you are considering an estate auction. This explains why 98% of the time an estate sale is the right choice. If you are adamant about having an estate auction we can assist you. Or if you are the 2% that probably should have an estate auction, we can help you do this as well. Most times, Estate Sales Richmond VA can help you the most, by doing an onsite estate sale. For most of our clients this is the best option as we will sell all of the little stuff that an estate auction won’t be able to. Approximately 60% of the value in an estate sale is in all of the smaller valued items. They add up!

That means if you were having a $10,0000.00 estate sale and you choose to do an auction instead of an estate sale, you would more than likely only sell $4,000.00 worth of the value. “Don’t get Cherry Picked” by an auction company and miss all this value.

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