How Estate Sales Are a Helpful Resource for Resellers


If you like to buy items, restore them and then sell those items for a profit, you may consider yourself a flipper or reseller. Estate sales may be the perfect place for you to find and buy desirable items at less than market value. What types of items should you be on the lookout for at an estate sale?

Used Furniture Is Often Sold at Such a Sale

Almost everyone has a table, chairs or cabinets in their home. Other common pieces of furniture such as beds, couches or recliners may also be found in the typical home. Over the years, a homeowner may have accumulated multiple kitchen or dining room sets.

This means that there may be a table or chairs in good condition hiding in the attic or in the basement that can be discovered if you are willing to look for it. Once you find a piece that you like, restoring it may be as easy as sanding and staining it. In some cases, you may be able to resell it in the condition that you found it in.

Power Tools or Other Heavy Equipment May Be Available

Many people are looking for affordable power tools or small machines such as snow blowers or lawn mowers. Therefore, they may be easy to flip for a quick profit on sites such as Craigslist or eBay. Depending on the quality of the tools, it may be possible to buy them at or below market value as the goal of estate sales are generally to sell off of many pieces quickly. However, as with any other item that you plan to buy, make sure that you are making a reasonable offer because the seller is not going to give anything away.

Clothes, Books and Toys May Be Available at a Low Price

Clothes, books, and toys are other items that are often in demand and may be easy to resell for a profit. Parents with young children may be looking to stock up on books that kids can read both now and as they get older. They may also be looking for stylish clothes at reasonable prices to keep their child looking good for a few months before their next growth spurt.

Estate sales may be the perfect place to find a large variety of products at low prices. Therefore, even if you can’t resell an item quickly or for the profit margin that you were looking for, these items may still be useful around the house or worth buying for your personal collection.

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