Home Inventory & Valuations

Do you have an estate in or around the Richmond area that is being disputed and needs an estate inventory report performed? Does the household need a content valuation done, so that the family can better divide and distribute assets? Does the estate process as a whole, seem confusing? At Prestige Estate Services also referred to locally as Estate Sales Richmond VA we can help answer all of your questions. If you are an estate attorney, trust company, bank, executor or personal representative, we can help you determine the value and how to best process the estate fairly, to the family. If an estate sale appears to be the way to go, we can help there as well! We use our streamlined process to efficiently assist you so you can navigate the entire process with an experienced professional.

Sometimes clients are required to know what the fair market value of an item is before they can distribute, sell or keep an item. Estate Sales Richmond VA can process a full home inventory and valuation of the entire property. When trying to divide up assets among siblings or heirs, this service can be wildly successful in removing bias and presenting a third party like arbitrator who can determine fair market and replacement cost values along with documentation presenting photos of each item and a providing personal property summary report with all of this detailed information.

We can help with appraisals as well. Call us today at 804-977-2723 to set up your appointment or speak with a representative. At Estate Sales Richmond VA | Prestige Estate Services we are here to help you through your next project.