Estate Consignment

If you’re looking to sell a few valuable items but don’t have enough for an estate sale we can still help! Consignment is great for those looking to make some money and get rid of a few of their possessions. We’ll take possession of the items and either sell them at another sale or online. Prestige Estate Services will use the best resale venue to maximize the profitability of our client’s items. Consigned items in Richmond VA is one the hottest and most profitable ways to sell a handful of higher end items.

Our consigned furnishings are always of top quality at Prestige Estate Services. This ensures that the seller will sell their items quicker as our customers know they will be buying high quality items. When we consign collectibles or antique etc. we demand good quality and match our sellers with our buyers. Below are some steps and helpful tips on how to do an assessment of your items to see if they will fit our evaluation criteria for consignment.

See below for our terms and conditions.

This option is on a case by case basis and typically pictures of each item are required for assessment to see if they qualify.  Currently we are very full and aren’t accepting many items but please call or email us to inquire about availability.