Estate Buyouts

Estate Sales Richmond VA can help with other situations through an estate sale buyout for reason such as:

1. Not enough value or quantity for an estate sale.
2. There are HOA restrictions or other known restrictions preventing an onsite sale.
3 The property is behind a gated community
4. Other reasons.

We only suggest an entire estate buyout if you are not able to do an onsite event. Having a onsite estate sale is the best way to increase overall profitability and insuring you sell the most items. If you are aware, with 100% certainty, that you are not able to process an onsite estate sale we can potentially assist you with consignment (if the item has significant value and is in excellent condition) or we can help with a buyout, but buyouts are typically not that profitable.

We can only buy product that is on our “buyout list”.


…If you are needing to have junk removed in conjunction with an estate buyout. Then and only then then we can possibly purchase some more items from you. Why you ask? Well if we are already on site to haul some junk away, then we have a little cash in our pockets from the haul away job to buy some other stuff. Our experts know what they can buy to try to resell to off set some of the cost of the haul away.

We can’t buy anything unless it’s on our buyout list or you have hired us for junk removal. There are no exceptions to this as it’s company policy.

If you have just a few items such as, nice furniture, guns, jewelry, higher valued items we suggest visiting our CONSIGNMENT PAGE as the best option to assist you.

Many inquire about buying out the entire estate. This used to be an industry standard practice but now the cost is too great to do this typically. However, the answer is, yes we can possibly and we will typically need to acquire more information such as list of items, pictures etc.

Let’s consider a few options or portions of this process though. Buying an entire estate infers:

1. Estate Sales Richmond VA is buying the wanted product we know we can sell.
2. However, we are purchasing the items that we know we don’t want too.
3. We will have to move, store or dispose of all items in the estate: the good, the bad and the ugly.

Let’s talk facts! Buyouts are a possible solution, but not ideal for most of our clients. With that said though, often this could be the only option. We’ve worked with thousands of clients through the years and many say they are truly understanding that they know they won’t make a whole lot on a buyout. The problem is often once we are onsite people tend to think they should get $350.00 for the old roll top desk because it’s Henredon but it’s realistically going to sell for $350.00 so we can only offer a fraction of this. This is when buyouts are sometimes hard to stomach. Moving costs are high these days that is why onsite estate sales have grown exponentially over the years.

If making money is your goal, do your due diligence to have an estate sale at the home. If you are completely sure that you can’t have one, then look into consignment or buyout as an option to accomplish your goal. At Prestige Estate Services we can help. We are here to help you decide how. HAVE YOU VISITED OUR “WHAT SERVICE DO I NEED” PAGE?

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