How to Decorate With Antique Furniture and Other Finds

Antique furniture can give your home an old-fashioned charm that modern day finds won’t accomplish. Before you make any large purchases from just any local estate sales, you should read up about how to have the best experience at the home you visit. Once your pieces have arrived in your own home, how do you properly decorate with antique furniture, you may ask?

Our easy to follow tips listed below can assist you in the process of blending your current homeware items with your elegant antiques.

Re-Upholster Your Antique Chair

If the chair you recently bought at an estate sale has beautiful legs and arms, leave those alone and cover up the old material with a new fabric. This change will combine the charm of the antique with a modern twist. Another way to spice up your antique is to add some color! If your chair has dark wood, make the seat pop with a bright yellow fabric. Your antique chair will quickly become a part of your home if you choose to make it stand out as a statement piece of furniture.

Combine Old With New

If your home decor is mostly modern, you can use your antique find as a way to contrast the rest of your design. For example, if you happen to purchase an antique painting, hang it in a room that has blank white walls so it can really showcase the artwork. The juxtaposition that occurs when you place an antique in a modern room will highlight the impressive art piece you discovered. If you need help figuring out how to combine old pieces with modern ones, there is a Facebook page for you to interact with other estate sale shoppers.

Make Your Antique Furniture Outshine the Rest

Your antique furniture has a life of its own. Placing your antique pieces in areas of a room that make them a focal point to look at will ensure that they receive plenty of attention from your guests. After all, you want to show them off! Displaying your antique artwork can be simplified by following our tip for making it outshine the rest of your art. It’s important to place your antique furniture in areas that demonstrate their unique character.

Color Code Your Antiques

According to Rebecca Robertson, an interior designer who worked at Martha Stewart Living, she suggests organizing your antiques by color. Once you choose to organize your pieces by color, “antiques become unified,” she says.

Arranging your antiques in a room based on color will make them more appealing to look at. It will also make it appear less cluttered.

Color coding is another great tip for decorating your home with both new and old items.

Concluding Thoughts

If you are interested in finding out more information on estate sales in Virginia, please feel free to reach out and contact us. At Prestige Estate Sales, we specialize in helping our clients know when the best sales are taking place, what items they should look for, and how they can remove their unwanted furniture.