Your Complete Guide to Buying Antique Wedding Rings

For the unique bride, simply buying a ring that’s trendy won’t do. It is becoming more and more popular to buy unconventional rings with colored stones and interesting designs.

And what better way to say “I love you forever” than buying an antique. Antique wedding rings are timeless. They carry a story all of their own.

Keep reading for a complete guide to buying the perfect antique wedding ring to complete your love story.

Different Kinds of Antique Wedding Rings

The kind of antique ring you buy can say a lot about the style and substance of the wedding and marriage you want. For a ring to be considered an antique, it generally has to be at least 50 years old.

There are many beautiful styles of antique rings. Here are some of the classic antique wedding ring styles:

The Georgian Ring

The Georgian ring comes from the 1714-1830s. These rings are notable by their intricate metal designs and Grecian influence.

They can be rather difficult to find. Finding a Georgian ring at an estate sale would be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

The Victorian Ring

Victorian rings hail from the infamous reign of Queen Victoria which was during the years 1837-1901. Queen Victoria’s love of diamonds brought on a revolution in diamond engagement rings.

Early Victorian era rings are distinctive by their low alloy metal gold bands and rich colored gemstones. Queen Victoria’s own engagement ring was an emerald with a gold snack on it. Later Victorian rings are notable by their clustered diamonds.

The Art Nouveau Ring

Art Nouveau rings are some of the most popular antique wedding rings. They come from the years 1890-1915.

These rings are known for their flowing and more natural looking lines. They have strong natural themes to them and often contain pearls.

The Edwardian Ring

Edwardian rings hail from 1901-1910. This was when the very first platinum engagement ring was offered to public audiences.

Edwardian rings are designed with a lot of filigree of airy and light textures. The intricate details in Edwardian rings can be quite breathtaking.

The Art Deco Ring

Art Deco rings are a result of the modern era sweeping the world. Any ring made in 1915-1935 will most likely have sharp and crisp lines. Geometric shapes were very popular during this time.

With new-found modernity came more freedom and self-expression than ever before so Art Deco rings tend to be rather bold and eye catching.

The Retro Ring

Retro ring styles are very influenced by the chaos that followed the second World War. The materials, gems, and metals used in retro rings mirror the upheaval of 1935-1945.

Shopping Tips

Buying jewelry at an estate sale isn’t as simple as shopping at the mall.

When you’re buying antique wedding rings you should always look for papers of authentication. If you’re only looking for a vintage style ring, then don’t worry about it. But if you want a true antique then always ask to see verifying documents.

If the ring has diamonds or gemstones, there should be paperwork about the quality and history of the stone. These are important for your personal records as well as for insurance.

Estate shopping is one of the best ways to find gorgeous antique rings for your loved ones. Call today to find an estate sale near you!