How Can Antique Chairs Add to Your Interior Decor?

An antique chair can be an eye-catching find at an estate sale. Once you get it home, however, you may wonder how best to incorporate it into your home décor.

The good news is that mixing furniture from different time periods is a top home design trend in 2017. Here are some ways you can use that to your advantage as you incorporate antique chairs into your home.

Recover a Chair with Eye-Catching Fabric

If you have an antique chair that’s in poor condition, recovering it is a first step to giving it new life. The best part is, you can choose any fabric, color, or design you want.

Rather than choosing a color that will fit in with your current furniture, choose a fabric that makes a statement. Your antique chair can be a standout both in terms of age and in terms of eye appeal.

As a statement piece, you can put antique chairs in any room of your home. You don’t have to worry about how well it melds with existing décor because its whole purpose is to stand out!

Take Advantage of Classical Shapes

If your chair is already eye-catching due to the design of the wood or upholstery, you have an opportunity to create fun contrasts. Choose to use your antique chair in a very ordinary way – for instance, at a desk in your office.

When you put a unique, thought-provoking piece of furniture in use in a very mundane environment, you generate visual interest. It creates an element of surprise and becomes an automatic conversation piece.

If you have a set of antique chairs, consider using them as normal dining chairs, or alongside a couch in a sitting room. By having chairs full of character serving everyday functions, you’ll get both function and style in your home.

Consider Unique Settings for Antique Chairs

You may assume that the only places you can use a chair are in a sitting room, library, or at a desk. However, there are a wide variety of locations that can use a comfortable or stylish place to sit.

Could your bedroom benefit from a unique, high-quality chair? Could you put one near your walk-in closet to serve as a dressing assistant? You might even consider keeping these types of chairs in the kitchen or at a window.

People need to sit down for a variety of reasons. Brainstorm some different ways you could use your antique chair. Of course, don’t subject it to damage if it’s highly valuable!

Durable, High-Quality Furniture Is Always In Style

If you’re worried about your antique chair being out of place, you don’t need to be concerned. Chairs that are unique and have character will always be welcome in a home.

Your family can use the piece as a conversation starter and as practical furniture. Because contrast and eclectic styles are part of current decorating trends, the mix of old and new is especially appropriate. But even as the years go on, you’ll never lose your appreciation for a unique, useful chair.

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