Business Liquidators

If your Richmond business is looking to close it’s doors and needs to have a business liquidation, Prestige Estate Services can help. Having an expert at Richmond business liquidations at hand can be the big difference maker in a successful store closing. Whether it’s office furniture, décor, furnishings, tools, machines we have you covered. We have liquidated numerous businesses and can provide you with references.

When closing a business and processing a business liquidation in Richmond, we can help. We have a list of buyers at hand and can speed up the process and add dollars to your income. Prestige Estate Services provides services for small and large Richmond companies. We have sold tanning bed salons to model homes. Most businesses can use our services in some shape and at some point in the process and by having us help with the business liquidation process you have experienced professionals that can get the crowds into your sale.

Our Richmond business liquidation services can turn a bad situation around and find some real win/wins through the process of liquidating a business. Maybe you are considering bankruptcy or maybe selling your business is being considered? Let’s face it bankruptcy can be the route you choose but maybe we can help to save that from happening so maybe you want to try to sell it. Maybe you have tried to sell it but there are no buyers in this economy? What do you do? Hire Prestige Estate Services’ business liquidators staff, to host an event for your business. If you file Chapter 7 we can help pay some remaining debts by hosting a sale and liquidate your remaining inventory. Either way, a business liquidation can help you to accomplish many different goals to liquidate your business and provide income.

We work on a commission of sales and provide all of the advertising, signage, staff to prepare and run the business liquidation along with accounting for the sale.

We have liquidated properties all over the state. If you find that you need to liquidate your business call us today and set up a time for one of our business liquidation specialists to come out and meet with you to discuss your Richmond business liquidation timeline and project needs!

Trust your Richmond business closing, to the best business liquidators in Richmond, call Prestige today at 804-977-2723!