Antique Appraisals

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Antique appraisals or for that matter any types of personal property appraisals can be useful for many situations. Let’s say you bought a trunk at an antique store and thought you would sell it, now that you are moving to a small apartment and don’t have room. An appraisal will tell you it’s worth. A friend knew you didn’t want to move it and said they would buy it for their living room and offered you $75.00. After a few years, this person was watching a particular appraiser television show and noticed someone had a very unique trunk, very similar to the one they bought from you. So they took it in and it was appraised for $8,500.00 because it was the original Louis Vuitton Monogram Steamer Trunk. The worst part is, you sold it for only $75.00 not knowing it was a Louis Vuitton. Ouch!

So it’s not worth millions, but it was worth every bit of $8,500.00. This happens more often than people would think. No, we don’t see too many items in the 100’s of thousands or millions but we have seen a few in our days. We can help by preventing this situation from occurring. If you have some items and aren’t sure if they are valuable, we suggest sending in a few pictures for a valuation or appraisal.

Most people have items appraised to know what their item is valued at fair market value. Sometimes, someone might have a reason to need an appraisal to protect it’s value in their home ownership insurance policy. We can provide certified written appraisals that will provide replacement cost value. So, if there was a home loss, the value of the item(s) would be accounted for and insured.

So, no matter if it’s a $600.00 Sandy Koufax signed baseball or $600,000.00 Picasso we can help you have it appraised and help you know it’s value or protect it’s value through process of a personal property appraisal. Contact us at today with any questions.