10 Estate Sale Tips for Shoppers

Serious bargain hunters know that although yard sales are fun, estate sales are where you can find some incredible deals on jewelry, household items, antiques, and much more. It takes a bit of savvy to score the best stuff. We’ve compiled a list...
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Estate Consignments, Sales, or Auctions: Which is Best for You?

A family member’s death is difficult no matter the circumstances. While you’re grieving, you also need to stay on top of the tedious steps — such as what to do with your loved one’s belongings. If you want help paying for funeral...
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5 Brilliant Antique Mirror Ideas to Decorate Your Home

The key to a fantastic interior home design is having unexpected elements in your home. Regardless of your design aesthetic, in 2017 it’s all about chic, collaborative, uninhibited design. Enter: mirrors. Mirrors are beneficial to any home for a...
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How Can Antique Chairs Add to Your Interior Decor?

An antique chair can be an eye-catching find at an estate sale. Once you get it home, however, you may wonder how best to incorporate it into your home décor. The good news is that mixing furniture from different time periods is a top home design trend in...
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Is There a Market for Antique Singer Sewing Machines?

Do you have an old Singer sewing machine on your hands, and you aren’t quite sure what to do with it? It happens all the time. Many people inherit antique Singer sewing machines, but not everyone really wants to keep them. Therein lies the problem....
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Your Complete Guide to Buying Antique Wedding Rings

For the unique bride, simply buying a ring that’s trendy won’t do. It is becoming more and more popular to buy unconventional rings with colored stones and interesting designs. And what better way to say “I love you forever”...
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How to Decorate With Antique Furniture and Other Finds

Antique furniture can give your home an old-fashioned charm that modern day finds won’t accomplish. Before you make any large purchases from just any local estate sales, you should read up about how to have the best experience at the home you...
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Pour a Tall One: Collecting Antique Beer Memorabilia

Impress your friends at your next get together with your collection of beer memorabilia. There are numerous things that you can collect related to the beer industry. Choosing several in each category will allow you to create an impressive unique collection...
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What Should Buyers Bring to an Estate Sale?

If you are planning on attending an estate sale in the near future, you should be ready to make a purchase on the spot. This is because there is no guarantee that the item that you want to buy today will still be available in the coming hours or days....
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For the Love of Pyrex: How to Find the Best Vintage Cookware at Estate Sales

We all have an irresistible urge to find treasure in unlikely places. An estate sale may be just the ticket for your entrance into valuable finds. With these tips and tricks, you can be armed with the map for your treasure hunt when searching for classic Pyrex...
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