5 Brilliant Antique Mirror Ideas to Decorate Your Home

The key to a fantastic interior home design is having unexpected elements in your home. Regardless of your design aesthetic, in 2017 it’s all about chic, collaborative, uninhibited design.

Enter: mirrors. Mirrors are beneficial to any home for a variety of reasons.

Mirrors not only reflect light into a room, they can visually double on space. Mirrors add a glamorous and luxurious feeling otherwise boring rooms.

They can even help boost your mood.

Mirrors have been an important design element for years. Because of this, there are many antique mirror options you should consider for your house or apartment. Especially in antique form, they add vintage beauty and sophistication to a space.

Refine your space, and bring in the antiques! Here are 5 brilliant ideas on how to incorporate these mirrors into your aesthetic:

1. Backsplash It

Find antique mirrors with a faded or tarnished appearance and you’ll have the basis for the perfect backsplash. These kinds of mirrors are easy to find and they require little to no maintenance.

Put them behind your stove area or install them behind your wet bar. Behind a bar area, an antique mirror will reflect the glass bottles and give your bar a shimmering effect. It will also multiply the number of bottles you have, making your bar look rich and full.

2. Entryway Placement

Allure your guests into your home by making a splashy, elegant entryway with an antique mirror. Place the mirror on the wall opposite your front door. Not only will this reflect light, it’ll give your guests the illusion that they are entering a magical space.

Take notes from the Plaza Hotel in New York and surround your entryway with mirrors. What’s more, guests like to double check how they look after having traveled to your home.

Oversized antique mirrors will add contrast to what could be a boring foyer. Put the mirrors behind entryway lamps or furniture for an added elegant touch.

3. Bedroom Antique Mirror

Find mirrors with beautiful frames that fit your bedroom design. Find narrow, tall mirrors and place them behind each of your bedside tables on either side of your bed. Enhance your beautiful bedroom furniture by reflecting it.

Next, put a lamp on the bedside tables directly in front of your mirrors. Don’t worry, this won’t cover them if you get the right size. The warm glow from the lamps will be reflected in the mirrors, lighting up your room with an inviting tone.

4. Place Them Outdoors

No one expects to see a beautiful mirror in an outdoor space. Incorporate the element of surprise by placing a beautiful mirror over your outdoor patio sofa. Warm up the space with a rug and a variety of pillows in different textiles.

You’ll transform your outdoor space into a Morrocan oasis with a beautiful, old mirror and some interesting fabrics.

5. Gallery Wall

Start your collection of smaller mirrors now. Then, much like you would a gallery wall of artwork, place your mirrors in a similar fashion on a vast wall in your home.

You’ll truly add an element of majestic enchantment with a gallery wall of antique mirrors.

What Will Your Reflection Show

Mirrors reflect the love, joy, and good energy in a home by reflecting the wonderful people in it. Plus up your space and make it luxurious with these beautifully dated mirrors.

One of the best places to find these mirrors are at estate sells. When you’re ready to buy or sell beautiful antique pieces, contact us today.